Why linkanonymous.com?

Our service offers several advantages over other anonymizing services:

  • Guaranteed Anonymity: Not 97%, but 100% of the hits!
  • SSL Certificate: We use SSL Certificate so your informations and data will be secured!
  • Automatic Transmission: No clicking on links necessary to access the target page!
  • Modern Technology: JSP programming ensures the fastest possible page loading, so that your visitors will reach the target page without waiting!

How it works?

If you want to see how anonymous links work. You can use our referer output to test our link anonymizer service.

Anonymize a link


Why make links anonymous?

If you link straight to a website then that website will easily be able to track which website you are linking from, based on a simple 'referrer' check. However, by using our link anonymizer service, all traffic will be redirected through our servers and the target page gets no information about the so-called referrer .

linkanonymous.com does exactly that: instantly create anonymous links. The service is free and requires no registration.